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Standard Output Tables > Routine statistics are made available for a standard grouping of cancer patients in our Standard Output Tables.

Developer notes: The Standard Output Tables are designed to help developers retrieve the data, to use in their own applications.

There are 9 main files at standard, stable URLs, in machine-readable format. Cancerdata_SOT_releases.{csv,json} details the individual releases that were used to construct the main release, and their documentation.

  • [coming soon] [coming soon]
    This is the main release of the Standard Output Table, in three different formats, containg all of the current statistics.
    Metadata for the Standard Output Table, containing column labels and units.
  • [coming soon]
    List of releases combined into the main release, including dates of release, descriptions, and links to supplementary documentation.
    A .csv file defining the tree structure of the partition.
    A .csv file with the metadata for each unit.

    A .csv file containing the look ups for the missing data codes. Missing data codes are always of the format /.[a-z]+/.