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Standard Output Tables > Routine statistics are made available for a standard grouping of cancer patients in our Standard Output Tables.

In order to fulfil its duty as a public health agency responsible for cancer prevention and control in England, the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service of Public Health England is expected to produce evidence about cancer incidence, diagnosis, treatment and survival. We fulfil this critical function by a range of outputs, including official statistics and reports, and support for public health research on cancer.

As part of this broader mission, we have produced key cancer statistics for standard groups of patients; these outputs are meant for use by patients, the public, and any general user, and anonymisation standards are ‘designed-in’ into these outputs by aggregation at the outset.

The Standard Output Tables are currently produced for four statistical areas (incidence, routes to diagnosis, treatment and survival) and for four cancer sites (brain, ovary, pancreas and testis). We hope to expand this output in the near future.

Download Standard Output Tables

Cancerdata_SOT_wide.csvA collated .csv file of all the latest statistics in wide format (one row for each group of patients, with all statistics for that group as columns)
[coming soon]
A collated .csv file of all the latest statistics in thin format (one row for each statistic, with each group of patients having many rows of data) [coming soon]
[coming soon]
A collated .json file of all the latest statistics [coming soon]
Cancerdata_SOT_metadata.csvA .csv file with the metadata for each statistic including full descriptions and units
Cancerdata_SOT_releases.csvA .csv file listing the releases that make up the Standard Output Table, including release dates and lists of documentation.
[coming soon]
A .json file listing the releases that make up the Standard Output Table, including release dates and lists of documentation [coming soon]
Cancerdata_SOT_structure.csvA .csv file defining the tree structure of the partition
Cancerdata_SOT_units.csvA .csv file with the metadata for each unit
Cancerdata_SOT_missing.csvA .csv file containing the look ups for the missing data codes

The Standard Output tables were last updated on 2018-12-12. A list of all data releases is available at the bottom of the page.

Using the Data

The data can be downloaded from the links above. Alternatively tools and webpages can be pointed directly to the data at our static URLs. Click here for more detail for developers about the data structures and accessing the data.

The data is signed off as non-disclosive and is released under an Open Government Licence . You are free to copy, publish, distribute and transmit the information, and to adapt it and include it in your own products. The attribution statement that must be included with any reuse of the data is:

Data for this [study/ project/ report/tool] is based on patient-level information collected by the NHS, as part of the care and support of cancer patients. The data is collated, maintained and quality assured by the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service, which is part of Public Health England (PHE). The data is taken from the CancerData Standard Output Tables.

Understanding the Standard Output Grouping

The Standard Output Grouping is a way of partitioning all diagnoses of cancer into groups, where each group contains approximately 100 people with the same characteristics.

The grouping can be viewed as a rooted branching tree, where the first node is the group 'all tumours', and each branch point divides by a dimension of interest (e.g. age, region, sex). If a node contains too few tumours then it cannot be divided further without making groups of less than 100, and so the tree terminates there. If the node has enough tumours it branches again by the next dimension of interest.

Currently the Standard Output Grouping exists for tumours of the brain, ovary, pancreas and testis. These groupings are explained in more detail in the documents below:

Statistics available in the Standard Output Table

There are currently four statistical releases available in the Standard Output Table.

Incidence. Statistics are provided on the number of new tumours diagnosed in each group, and the incidence rate of cancer in this group, with upper and lower confidence intervals. Statistics are available for all groups in the Standard Output Table.

Treatment. Statistics are provided on the number of tumours treated with surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and all combinations of these treatments in each group, the % of tumours treated, and the upper and lower confidence intervals around the percentage.

Survival. Statistics are provided on the number of tumours included in the survival calculation, and the net and crude survival rates in each group at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after diagnosis, with upper and lower confidence intervals. Survival statistics are currently only available for brain tumours.

Routes to Diagnosis. Statistics are provided on the number of tumours diagnosed by each 'route to diagnosis', the % of tumours diagnosed by each route, and the upper and lower confidence intervals around each percentage. The eight standard diagnostic routes - two week wait; GP referral; screening; other outpatient; inpatient elective; emergency presentation; death certificate only and unknown - are provided, along with a 'not classified' group.

Contact Us

If you have feedback on this pilot, or any other queries about the Standard Output Tables, please email It will help us to get your query to the right people if you mention 'Standard Output Tables' and 'Get Data Out' in your email.

Data Releases

All the data in the tables below has been incorporated into the full Standard Output Tables. The data is also provided separately for each release of each statistic.
Dataset Date released Release ID Wide csv Thin csv Json Metadata Documentation
Brain, Ovary, Pancreas and Testis, Routes to Diagnosis, 2013-2016 2018-12-12 SOT0010 SOT_brain_RtD_13-16_w.csv, SOT_ova_RtD_13-16_w.csv, SOT_pan_RtD_13-16_w.csv, SOT_test_RtD_13-16_w.csv [coming soon] [coming soon] SOT_RtD_13-16_m.csv GDO SOP - RtD v1.1.doc, Routes_to_Diagnosis_2006_2015_technical_document.pdf, Routes to Diagnosis for cancer - Elliss-Brookes et al.pdf
Brain, Ovary, Pancreas and Testis, treatments, 2013-2015 2018-12-12 SOT0009 SOT_brain_treat_13-15_w.csv, SOT_ova_treat_13-15_w.csv, SOT_pan_treat_13-15_w.csv, SOT_test_treat_13-15_w.csv [coming soon] [coming soon] SOT_treat_13-15_m.csv SOT SOP - Treatment_251018.doc, CAS-SOP_#4.4_linking_treatment_tables.pdf
Ovary, Pancreas and Testis, incidence rates, 2013-2016 2018-12-12 SOT0008 SOT_ova_Inc_13-16_w.csv, SOT_pan_Inc_13-16_w.csv, SOT_test_Inc_13-16_w.csv [coming soon] [coming soon] SOT_Inc_13-16_m.csv SOT SOP - Incidence v2.0.doc, CASSOP #5 - Crude incidence rates 1.1.docx, CASSOP #5 - Crude incidence rates 1.1.xlsx, CASSOP #1 Counting Cases.docx, GDO_ova_cohort_13-16_sql.txt, SOT_ova_Inc_13-16_sql.txt, SOT_pan_Inc_13-16_sql.txt, SOT_test_Inc_13-16_sql.txt
Brain, incidence rates, 2013-2016 2018-05-08 SOT0007 SOT_brain_Inc_13-16_w.csv [coming soon] [coming soon] SOT_brain_Inc_13-16_m.csv SOT SOP - Incidence 2016 v1.0.doc, CASSOP #5 - Crude incidence rates 1.0.docx, CASSOP #5 - Crude incidence rates 1.0.xlsx, CASSOP #1_Counting_cancer_cases.pdf
Brain, 3, 6, 9 and 12 month survival (crude and net) 2013-2015 2017-12-05 SOT0004 survival_data_in_SOT_wide.csv [coming soon] [coming soon] survival_metadata_in_SOT.csv SOT_brain_survival_SOP.docx, Cancer Survival SOP v11_0.docx